Comenius Cyprus: Day 4

The plan for the students on day 4 of our Comenius Cyprus trip was a guided tour of Nicosia, taking in important points of interest in and around the old city. We visited old Churches and national history museums and the ‘buffer’ zone and border with Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus. Unfortunately the group did not cross the border into Northern Cyprus.

After touring Nicosia for most of the morning, the students were given a little free time to have a drink, shop and browse Nicosia in their own social groups. After this, the students returned to school and their host families as this took them to the end of the Cypriot school day.

In a few hours, the school will hold a party for the students, host families and staff. I will update this blog with a few photos later on this evening, after the party. (Updated)

Photos from in and around Nicosia

The ‘country’ posters made by the students yesterday

Evening Leaving Party

Callum finds out just how bitter the local freshly picked Lemons are!

Comenius Cyprus: Day 3

As we are a little late adding day 3’s blog, I thought I’d just add a few pictures and a very short description of the day’s activities.

The third day started with the students heading to the school’s teaching kitchen classroom, where they made Cypriot pancakes. These seemed similar to ‘normal’ pancakes, but thinner and a little more oily. While the students were making these pancakes, Melissa and Matthew were interviewed by Cypriot TV, quizzing them about their involvement and feelings about the Comenius project.

After the students made pancakes, they took a short break outside in the courtyard to watch some traditional Cypriot/Greek dancing. I’m pleased to say when the chance arose, all our students joined in with this activity!

After the break, the students returned to lessons where they made posters from a collection of images they brought from home. The posters were designed to sell their home area to the other students from the different project countries.

Making Cypriot Pancakes

Traditional Cypriot-Greek Dancing

Comenius Cyprus: Day 2

Day 2 of our Cyprus Comenius visit started with all the students and staff from the project meeting up to greet the (late arriving) French group. We then enjoyed their presentation about their home region in France, which is a famous wine producing area.

After 35-40 minutes or so we then hit the road to visit the first of today’s destinations – the archaeological museum in Dali. This museum houses many items, such as cutlery and pots unearthed during excavations in Cyprus. The museum also provided a wonderful view of the Cypriot countryside. A grasshopper, found by the students, also seemed to provide them with a great interest and curiosity in it!

After visiting the museum In Dali, we called at a national Cypriot history museum on the North-South Cyprus border. The location of this museum seemed somewhat fitting, in an area that was badly affected by the Turkish invasion in the 1970s. We then visited a local cafe for refreshments (coffee, soft drinks, ice cream..) for about 45 minutes. While on this break, another grasshopper appeared that yet again seemed to please the students no end!

The last part of the day was a visit to the Larnaca salt lakes and the beach. The weather today was perfect for this, pushing 24c and not a cloud in sight! Our students seemed to enjoy this part of the day the most. The guys visited McDonalds and KFC for lunch along with their host family student and the Norwegian students. They then spent a good few hours on the beach with their new friends. The girls did a similar thing, however they also decided to do a little shopping and also visited a local Church – Saint Lazarous’ – which I’m told had spectacular chandeliers!

All in all, I can tell you that today the students have had a ball – probably a day they won’t forget in sometime!

Below are a few pictures from today…

Larnaca beach

Melissa, Leah and Matthew catching some sun – Callum was being camera shy!

Larnaca Salt Lake

The last three photos are at the Dali archaeological museum.

Comenius Cyprus: Day 1

The first day of the Cypriot Comenius experience involved students from each country (in the project) making a small presentation about their home area and something from that region. Our students delivered a small presentation about the Yorkshire Pudding and the sport Rugby – both of which seemed to be very well received!

Our students then attended a normal lesson along with students from their host families – I am told by our students this was an interesting experience as it differs somewhat to what they are used to at home.

The next part of the first day involved a little bit of spare time where our students could socialise and mix with the school’s local students. After a little while, Callum, Matthew, and myself decided to ‘gatecrash’ a PE lesson and get involved with a game of football. Both Callum and Matthew seemed to show some real skill (which is more than can be said about my goal keeping ability!) and enthusiasm in the game – everyone seemed to be impressed with their effort!

The last part of the day – as school finished at about 2pm for the students – involved the students watching how to make Souvlaki, which we then went onto eat for lunch. Having what was essentially a BBQ on a Monday afternoon while basking outside in 22c heat in February seemed to be an unusual experience for us British people!

Day 2 will see us visit Larnaca and various attractions in that area, so be sure to check back tomorrow to see our report!

Live blog from Cyprus!

As we stand here (on a bitterly cold morning, outside school) awaiting four of our students – Melissa, Leah, Callum, and Matthew – and our taxi to Manchester Airport, I thought I would post the first of our blogs from the Cyprus Comenius trip.

During our visit to Cyprus for their Comenius event this week, we will be blogging everyday to share with you our Cypriot Comenius experience.

So stay tuned for more from us, live from Cyprus.