Royds Hall Humanities Department At BBC History Weekend in York

Members of the Humanities Department are at the BBC History Weekend in York. Yesterday Mr Woffenden went to lectures about the history of Catholicism and then one about Cornwall.

This morning Mr Lightowler and Mr Woffenden are at a lecture on the history of slavery by James Walvin. The lecture looks at how we can see the legacy of slavery in all kinds of objects like Turner’s painting.

The lecture highlighted how the mahogany furniture that was made from the wood that was cut down by enslaved people became fashionable in homes of rich families in Britain and North America.

Walvin also reminded us of how cowrie shells that came from the Maldives and were used to buy human beings in the Slave

Luck Lane Open Morning

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first ‘Open Morning’ this week. If you didn’t make it we are open again on Wednesday 29th November please arrive 9am or 10am.

We were delighted to see children and their parents/carers all enjoying various activities in class. These activities included making paper maché using balloons.