Year 3 Walk to the Co-op







This week Year 3 and their teachers walked to the Co-op store at Marsh to speak to the general public about sustainable farming and what they have learnt about where food comes from. They created a stall to showcase their findings and discussed these with the customers.

We would like to say a big thank you to the Co-op store and staff for allowing this wonderful learning opportunity.

Stirley Farm Visit—Sustainable Farming

This week Year 3 visited Stirley Farm to learn about sustainable farming and how a farm is run. They discussed how to make soup and harvested their own vegetables! Whilst around the farm Year 3 fed the cows and chickens, learning about their life cycle and how the farmers care for these animals.


Hot Chocolate Friday (on a Friday at last!)

Keira and Libby joined Mr Quinn for a fabulous hot chocolate today as a reward for their ‘over and above’ behaviour.  The girls are always kind and supportive to other children in their class.  Mr Quinn has often seen them asking other children who were on their own if they would like to play with them.  They are also excellently behaved in class and helpful to all adults in school.  Well done girls!