ARTSMARK in school

This week Royds Hall Community School held an ARTSMARK day. Secondary students enjoyed various activities on Thursday whilst on Friday both Beech Primary and Luck Lane Primary took part in their own ARTSMARK filled activity day.

Children enjoyed experiencing Food Technology, Photography, Music, Drama and Globe Art Crafts. The children focused on using creativity to express their emotions.

Awesome Author Sends Free Book!

Following a conversation with Mr Quinn on Twitter recently, the wonderful author, G.R. Dix, send a free copy of his debut novel to the children of Beech Primary School.

The book, entitled ‘Brian Brackbrick and the Hazard of Harry Hatman’ (try saying that 3 times quickly!) arrived along with some bookmarks and a set of posters.

The children from Y3 were delighted to be given the book and were quick to ask to be the first to read it.  They were all extremely grateful to Mr Dix for being so kind as to send them a copy of his book.