Awesome Author Sends Free Book!

Following a conversation with Mr Quinn on Twitter recently, the wonderful author, G.R. Dix, send a free copy of his debut novel to the children of Beech Primary School.

The book, entitled ‘Brian Brackbrick and the Hazard of Harry Hatman’ (try saying that 3 times quickly!) arrived along with some bookmarks and a set of posters.

The children from Y3 were delighted to be given the book and were quick to ask to be the first to read it.  They were all extremely grateful to Mr Dix for being so kind as to send them a copy of his book.

Hot Chocolate Friday at Beech

Freddie from nursery, Peter from Y1 and Demi from Y4 went over and above with their behaviour last week. Freddie helped Mr Burton-Smith to unpack some boxes in EYFS.  Peter and Demi have both been very kind and helpful to other children in their classes.  All three enjoyed hot chocolate and a mini-roll with Mr Quinn on Friday afternoon.  Well done, guys!

Hot Chocolate Friday at Beech

Today, Louie, Katrina and Evie enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate and white chocolate cookie with Mr Quinn as a reward for their excellent behaviour.  Louie and Katrina always help tidy their classroom without being asked.  Evie was nominated by Mrs Thornton for her fabulous attitude and helpful nature.  Well done children!

Hot Chocolate Friday at Beech

Scarlet and Hussain came along to the SLT office this afternoon to enjoy hot chocolate and a biscuit with Mr Quinn.  Scarlet has been working hard in maths recently and has also helped her new teacher, Mrs Potter, settle into class.  Hussain is always brilliantly behaved, both inside and outside the class.  He sets a superb example to other!  Well done guys!

Y3/4 Project Launch at Beech

Year 3 & 4 have been launching rockets for their project launch, in an attempt to answer their essential question: “Does what goes up always come down?” They designed their own rockets, and launched them in the playground after learning about gravity and forces. ​

Hot Chocolate Friday at Beech

Jack and Alice joined Mr Quinn for Hot Chocolate Friday today.  Jack demonstrated fabulous unselfish behaviour this week, cleaning out a blocked sink at lunchtime so that others could use it.  Alice has been a wonderful friend to others this week and has set a brilliant example with her behaviour.  Well done to both of them!