Pennine Sport Partnership – Boccia Event


Our Boccia event is a PE event for primary schools. It is designed to provide accessible activities for all.

 Children from local schools were chosen to take part. It was fantastic to see all the children so engaged. Thank you to Carol Thompson from Pennine Sports  who came in to deliver the session and a big thank you to our Year 5 leaders from Beech Primary who helped out on the day.


Experimenting with Chocolate

Linked to their Spring term essential question ’Where will your imagination take you?’ Year 1 and Year 2 have been busy drawing their own chocolate designs ready to make. Learning how to prepare the area and what was needed and how to melt and mould the chocolate they made some mouth-watering delights which were enjoyed whilst watching  ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’



Luck Lane Primary and Beech Primary Carol Service at St Mark’s Church, Longwood.

On Monday 18th December Beech Primary Years 3 to 6 and Luck Lane Primary Year 3, took part in their first annual carol service, at St Mark’s Church, Longwood.

Beautiful voices were heard, and the spirit of Christmas was all around!

Luck Lane Open Morning

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first ‘Open Morning’ this week. If you didn’t make it we are open again on Wednesday 29th November please arrive 9am or 10am.

We were delighted to see children and their parents/carers all enjoying various activities in class. These activities included making paper maché using balloons.